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A Lesson In Gameness

The room filled with laughter and smoke
As the men assembled, talked and joked
They were in the country, miles from town
In a large red barn owned by Farmer Brown
The contest was scheduled for ten at night
They had come to the country to see a dog fight
One was a buckskin with natural ear, had grip at the nose
He got that near
The other a white with ears cropped close
He could give his opponet a thorough dose
At 40 lbs. top they were scheduled to fight
The skilful buckskin, the punishing white
At the word from the ref the dogs were "Let Go"
It would be a good fight all men did know
The owner of the buckskin knew he was game
For he came from a proven strain
The owner of the white knew he'd not be sad
Though he'd not tryed the sire to see what he had
Soon he found out it payed to be sure
He learned his lesson, this fight was his cure
In half and hour the white quit cold
He payed his bets and they broke the hold
The next day he gave it away as a pet
He bought two proven dogs and he was set
Now I'm telling you this so you don't do the same
Don't breed your dogs until they'er proven game

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