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A CompuPed 4 Generation Pedigree of
Breed: American Pit-Bull Terrier    
Color: Red and Tan  
Sex: Male  
Born: 6-17-00  
0 Gen IC: 0.00000
Bred by: Prairiedog Kennels  
Owned by: GT Kennels  
A Four Generation Pedigree of "GT Kennels Romeo"
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Lowery's Renny, 07-28-93 CH Lee's Reno, 82900D-93, GR CH Holland's Cherokee Chief, CH Everett's Buck,
Goodson's Mizu,
Boyles' Dirty Mary, GR CH Burton's Hank, 16800-68
Patrick's Red Baby,
Mickel's Sweet Pea, 48600D-50, William's Tonka Bear, CH Anderson's Tonka,
William's Robin,
Payne's Nasty, GR CH Waldman's Buck,
Payne's Lyza Lady,
Peterka's Maggie, 55600Z-04L, 09-29-95 Hammond's Dio Duel, 28900C-22, 06-15-91 Hammond's Andy B, Hammond's Andy L,
Hammond's Batima,
Dawson & Noble's Sweet Red, Bridge's Sweet William,
Bridge's Carbon Copy,
Riptide Red Sioux, 24800E-89, 07-24-92 Stratton's Riptide Royal Bob, 76100D-99, 10-22-87 Malo's T.J., 82100-62
Riptide Tar, 35600B-54
Riptide Red Runt, Stratton's Riptide Hoover, 14600A-23
Riptide Tar, 35600B-54